Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dj Tools & Tips - Beatport

First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for those who have accessed the Blog. Today I will present a nice tool for Djs (beginners) or for those that only wanna listen a good music.

But what is Beatport? Beatport is a huge music store on internet and available for everybody. There you can find many styles of electronic music and with very good quality. This post it's not a advertise, it's only a guide to give options of research of electronic music.

But the main reason that I use Beatport is for search my songs. Everyday, Djs around the world releases their songs on Beatport and I am talking about thousands of songs per day!

Follow these step to use Beatport:

1 Sign up for a account (don't worry it's free to register a user).
2 Choose a login name a password.
3 Now you have a lot of options to start to search.
4 If you don't know many Djs, starts to search by Genre (this option is very useful to know the most famous Djs and their songs.
5 The Genre has two ranks Top 10 and Top 100. Starts to listen the Top 100.
6 You can listen a part of song (around 2 minutes and generally the best part).
7 If you liked that song, click on the cart symbol (don't worry you don't bought the song!)
8 Now go to your cart (A cart symbol beside your login name).
9 There you can find all songs that you liked. Now click on the disk symbol to send the track to your hold bin.
10 I would like to advice you to listen one thousand times the song before buy.
11 If you don't like the song, click on the X symbol to remove of your hold bin.
12 Now if you wanna buy the song click on the cart symbol again.

Other reasons to use Beatport: Easy to search, nice website layout and it's safe to buy. I used a lot of times to buy my songs and the quality is amazing. I'm not responsible for your shopping and this is only a user guide, Enjoy!

More info: Beatport