Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dj of the week - Orjan Nilsen

I would like to introduce for you Orjan Nilsen. At the age of 7, Nilsen got his first keyboard, and started to practice on it frequently for the next couple of years and at the age of 16, Nilsen got his first very own synthesizer.

At the end of 2004, Nilsen had made several unofficial remixes and a couple of own productions, that got the attention of the trance community. His tracks began to be played on radio stations and clubs all over the world, though nothing was signed by any label.

In 2006 Nilsen has released his first signed vinyl - "Arctic Globe / Prison Break" on Intuition Recordings. "Arctic Globe" was voted #1 on the Dutch Dance Charts at that time. Since then, he has released a handful of prime level tracks including La Guitarra, Lovers Lane, GO FAST! and others. Nilsen is currently taking gigs all over the world and his music career is developing rapidly.

Follow some tunes for you!

Orjan Nilsen - Between the Rays (Original Mix)

Orjan Nilsen - Legions (Original Mix)

Orjan Nilsen - Endymion (Original Mix)

Orjan Nilsen - Amsterdam (Original Mix)

Is normal to listen his tunes on podcasts of Armin Van Buuren every week. You can check more info:

Website: www.orjannilsen.com (Under construction)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OrjanMusic

Twitter: www.twitter.com/orjan_nilsen

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