Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dj Tools & Tips - Soundcloud & Mixcloud

Here we are again with Dj tools and tips. On this week we will talk about Soundcloud and Mixcloud. As you saw, I recorded a Dj set last weekend and posted on Mixcloud. Later I'll explain why I chose the mixcloud.

But what is Soundcloud and Mixcloud, and what for? Both are websites to electronic music lovers to share sound and follow the best Dj's in the world.

To begin, follow these steps to sign up:

1 Access the site: www.soundcloud.com
2 Click on Sign Up

3 Will pop up a window for you type your e-mail address and password

4 Flag on "I Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy" and click on "Sign up"

5 Type your personal data and click on "Done"

6 Now Soundcloud will suggest some people to follow, skip this part

7 Go to your email inbox, automatically was sent a email for confirmation. Then click on "confirm your email address"
8 Now you can use the search box to find Dj's and exclusive tunes.
9 You can upload your Dj Set to share with your friends and the rest of world. You can also, record a sound direct to Soundcloud. Some tunes are available to download.

Attention: Soundcloud has a software that analyses everything that you upload. This software can identify the name of the tune and the Artist/Dj. So it's impossible to upload your Dj set, but you can use to search the tunes of your favorites Djs and follow them. 

If you wanna upload your Dj Set, I suggest to use Mixcloud. Mixcloud uses the same software, but allows you to upload your Dj Set. You can listen my Dj set on this link: Dj Summers

To use Mixcloud, access: www.mixcloud.com and follow the same procedure. Enjoy!

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