Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dj Tools & Tips - Audacity

Welcome back to more tools and tips! Today we will talk about Audacity. This software is recommended for recording and editing your sounds. Well, You searched your tunes at Beatport, Learned how to mix your tunes on Virtual Dj, Now I think that you are crazy to record your first mix. And for do this you need the Audacity! The other good reason is that is free!

1 First you need to access the website: Audacity

2 Now you must choose your platform and install the software
3 Open the Audacity (Mac version)

4 Now you must connect your mixer into your computer (Audio). Prepare your tunes and adjust the settings. Are you ready to start?
5 Click on the record button and play on the CDJ.

6 Now mix your tunes as you planned. When you finished press stop.

7 Then you need to "normalize" the audio. This function will standardizing the volumes and reduce the noises.

8 Go to File > Export

9 Choose the name of the file and save! Ready! For this example I used:

2 CDJ 200
1 Mixer
1 RCA cable
1 Notebook
1 Headphone

I hope you like it! See you!

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