Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dj Tools & Tips - Virtual Dj

Welcome back folks! Today we will talk about Virtual Dj. You already found your favorites tunes, but you don't have the equipments! Don't worry, you can train on Virtual Dj.

Virtual Dj is a software available for Windows and Macintosh. With this software you can mix your tunes like a Dj does. You can try and if you really like the experience you can buy the equipments.

When I wanna record a Dj set, I use a Virtual Dj to select the tunes and try the mixes. Later I use the equipments to record my set. And the best news is that Virtual Dj is FREE (Virtual Dj Home Version only). Follow few steps to start right now!

1 Access http://www.virtualdj.com
2 Click on Download
3 Choose your Version (Windows or Mac)
4 Install the software
5 Run the Virtual Dj

Now you will see this screen (Mac version)

You need to find a tune on the panel on the left. Then drag the tune to the music player on the left.

You can see the name of the tune and the speed (BPM 138.00). Push the play button to start the first tune. Now you need to drag the other tune to the music player on the right.

As you can see, the tunes has different BPMs (138 / 140). You need to push the button Sync on the second music player and the software will adjust the BPM.

Now you need to mark the CUE (the first beat) of the tune. Adjust the Tune to the first beat and click on CUE button.

When the first tune ends the break, start to count (4 x 8 or Four beats - Eight times). When finished the sequence click on the play button (Second music player). Check if the tunes are synchronized. If not, click on the button Sync on the second music player to adjust. You can check on the display on the top.

Slowly decreases the volume of the first tune and wait until the music stop. This is the basic, if you have any doubts, please let me know (Leave a commentary or send me a email). Enjoy and try this tool!

For inspire you, I will let a tune! Click on the image below.

Khoma - The Dark Night (Original Mix)

Thank you for follow Summers Beat!

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